About Us

About our mission, values & the team behind GreenVend

Our marketplace

GreenVend is a SaaS company specializing in mediation and consultancy in the hemp industry. From product search to marketing your business, our B2B marketplace makes it easy to maintain existing partnerships and build new ones sustainably.

We support associations and non-profit organizations in our marketplace to identify and coordinate common interests in a goal-oriented manner. The user-friendly interface allows you to directly connect and transmit inquiries and offers to retailers, wholesalers, service providers and media partners in a time-saving manner.

For more information about GreenVend and how GreenVend can support your company or association, please click here.

Our Team

Our founding team consists of three members, who, from a total of 30 years of professional experience, have acquired three core competencies and are continuously expanding them. These consist of the three cornerstones IT, marketing and communication. Through our cross-sector knowledge and network as well as our broad European reach, we are able to develop fast and demand-oriented solutions for you.

We started our journey into the hemp industry together in 2017 and had the privilege to work closely with partners from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. At the end of 2019, we decided together that our journey is far from over. We want to actively ensure a sovereign appearance of the hemp industry, simplify communication and trade and thus create space for what really counts: to actively change the opinion about the often stamped industry, in order to campaign for an end of prohibition.

We would like to thank our partners for their trust and encouragement and look forward to a new journey with existing and new partners!

Our founders